HerTRIBE is an event that holds space for all women to engage in love, community, connection, creativity and celebration of sisterhood. HerTRIBE stems from fact that women are inherently tribal. Women naturally look out for each other, love on one another, celebrate and simply do life together; we’re each other’s keepers. Whether a mother, daughter, business owner, influencer and everything else in between the talents, gifts and exchange of knowledge we all posses are essential. We must tap into and sharpen these things in order for women to not only continue to build, but to harvest and sustain our tribe(s) as it is needed to be passed down to the next generation(s). Held on Sunday, September 16th, 2018, HerTRIBE is the perfect opportunity to network, connect, discuss, and indulge in the beauty of sisterhood with some of the most influential and powerful women, leading and transforming our communities and the world.

Sunday, September 16th, 2018 | Denver, CO | More Details To Come

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