Use what you got || #dailyinspirations

I think we tend to forget just how creative and adaptive we really are. And how God will put us in situations where we have very little to work with (or at least we thing that) and we have no choice but to use what we are given to make things happen. It’s actually quite humbling and powerful to be reminded that you don't always need much in order to get the job done, to reach that goal or honestly anything else you can think of. Lately, I have been thinking back on the last few years and realize just how resourceful and creative I had to get in order to see and experience some of my dreams manifest. One of those dreams have been Crowned Curls and being able to start and successfully run this business on a shoe string budget for the past 3 years and at one point (6 months) I didn't even have a budget; now y’all can’t tell me God isn’t real. Where I thought I “struggled” financially (literally as a poor college student and now grad) was really just a way God tested just how flexible, creative and adaptive I was willing to be. And because of this I have had no choice but to ask for help, tap into my network and to just to keep things simple. “Simplicity is Brilliance.” Remember, money will come and go, so ride the  I am so use to working with the basics and keeping things simple that anything more than that is a fire bonus. lol. My perspective on abundance and how it works has changed drastically over the years. And I’m grateful for all the lessons around it as it has honestly helped not only the way I run this business, but also how I interact with other, how I live my life and how I tap into the Divine. Remember, you have everything you need…it just may not look like the way you think it should; shift your perspective and experience that abundance love. Have a happy and safe weekend!

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