Tis the season of nostalgia // #dailyinspirations

As we transition from Fall to Winter, past year to the new year on top of our own personal transitions, make space for nostalgia. It’s a time of reminiscing, getting lost in your thoughts and receiving what the Most High is giving. After all it is the season of giving. What has been on your mind lately? What is God trying to get you to pay attention to? Whatever it is just get ready for things from the past to surface back up, if they haven't so already. Unfortunately, it makes it no better with the holidays in motion and so many transitions happening. However, now is the perfect time to use this to our advantage. Being in such a sensitive space, we’re more likely to receive guidance from the Most High, really feel through things and look at things from a different perspective. Trust yourself. You’re being encouraged to look at these things from an objective and more detached perspective. You’re being reminded just how far you’ve come and grown on your journey. Use the skills, lessons and understanding of self to guide you during this triggering time.You’re ready to face whatever is surfacing up for you. Know that you can and will handle it with grace, gentleness and acceptance. Embrace it. Take rest loves. Happy Sunday!

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