This too shall pass || #dailyinspiration

I am being advised by Spirit to slow down a bit for the next couple of days. To really dive into some needed self-care. With such potent energy being at an all time high right now, many of us are extremely emotional, exhausted and uncomfortable. A lot is happening internally and externally, and if we’re not careful we can confuse what goes where. There is no denying the spirit world is poppin’ right now and we have no choice but to make space and respect what is to come. This is the perfect time to disconnect from the digital world, mend to some of the triggers coming up, call on Spirit, dive into unfinished creative projects that have been tugging at your soul, mind ya business and drink tons of water. Try not to get too caught up as this is only the beginning of what is to come. Paths are being cleared and opening for us to evolve to the next level in not only our personal lives, but as a collective. Fear is not a choice right now and there is much work to be done. Trust that God will continue to guide you through it all and be willing to actually listen. Don't make any heist discussions, remember the tongue is powerful so be gentle with it, don't talk anything too personal and just ride this wave! Learn to stay ground, yet fluid in spite of the perceived chaos around us.
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