Sweet October 🍂|| #dailyinspiration

October is here my dark and twisted friends! On top of that it’s a Sunday too! Ya’ll know how much I love me some Sundays! October is when we get to completely bask in Fall and all it has to offer. It’s the time when you get to play with your darker side, your shadows come out to play and you have to find balance in it all. Many of us are often conditioned to be scared of this side of us because of fear, fear of what we may find, fear of what we may like, fear of what will come to light. But the reality is we must learn to dance and love our darkness just as much as we adore our lightness. We are made up of all types of colors and we must learn how to experiment with them all and not be afraid of what we discover who we are. October reminds us of the balance we all crave to master during this lifetime. This is one of my favorite months not just because all of the Harvest and Halloween  stuff but this is the time I start to see things come full circle not only in my life, but also others. The bigger picture & the answers we seek always seems to be more clearer during this time. Life comes at us fast with this season of change, but they're needed. Mother Nature forces you to slow down if you haven't already and we start to prepare stillness. I hope last month was good to you, and I mean that in a more healing way. I hope you let go of what was no longer a part of you and I hope you wrapped up any loose ends. 
This month will force you to travel a lot lighter, become more imaginative, dress up and overall just have more fun. Try not to resist any changes, uncomfortable shifts or feelings coming you way as it always makes the journey harder. Approach this month with kid-like wisdom and watch yourself play a lot more. October will be good to you whether you want it or not; I suggest you just let it happen! Blessings and Love! .
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