Stay Light + Bright || #dailyinspiration

Happy HUMPday beauties! I hope this solar eclipse’s energy is treating you well. We’ve been placed in a position to start a new, to let go of what was, embrace what is and celebrate what is to come. A lot of unresolved emotions are surfacing and it is important to feel, process, learn and release what is pulling you to change. Allow God to guide you through these many processes and see what they reveal. Our worlds are constantly dying and rebirthing throughout this lifetime and its necessary to go with the cycles of your soul. After all we’re the creators and destroyers of our lives. Your soul knows what it wants and will get it one way or another, so I suggest to at least make it fun! It is up to you if you want these transitions to be a bit smoother or to make the journey a lot more difficult than what it needs to be. In the past I have personally struggled with transitions and changes as I would hold on so tight to what was comfortable to only see it slip through my fingers. I have made my journey hard and unbearable at times with my stubborn and serious nature, but I have become more aware of these tendencies. I am learning to have a more childlike approach to my journey. I’m just exploring, discovering, following and not questioning the guidance. I am listening to my soul a lot more lately and through this process clarity, maturity and love has bloomed out of it making this journey a little more fun. I am excited for this next journey we’re all embarking on and I hope I will be able to cross paths with some of your souls. Stay light and bright loves!

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