SpringTime || #dailyinspirations

Spring is just around the corner and I don't know about you, but I’m ready for it! This winter has been filled with a lot of rest, hibernation, death, endings, transitions and planting for the next few seasons. There has been deep reflections, evaluating and letting go. Winter can be a bit of a hard teacher, forcing us to face the darkest parts of us and initiates the change  we’ve been ignoring. So, I hope you took time this past season to really explore and honor what has been surfacing and allowing yourself to process, accept and release. Winter is an intense season, as it always requires us to turn inward. Wrap us any loose ends as we prepare to enter Spring. Spring will begin the blooming process, so be gentle, keep tending to what needs watering and make room for Mother Nature do her part. It’s a time the Divine Feminine shines and shows out for all of to see. Make room to receive all the gifts that comes from this season. Tap into those creative juices, your natural flows, love, new growth and keep your hearts light.  Allow your inner child to come out to play without any rules, regulations and guilt. Stop and smell the flowers this season and be ready for kisses from the Sun. We’re half way through the week, you got this loves. Happy HUMPday loves!

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