Solar Eclipse || #dailyinspiration

Happy Solar Eclipse loves! I hope you have been taking it easy these last couple of days and preparing yourself for what the Universe has in stored. I hope you have been aligning your hearts and being intentional about what you want. Continue to talk to God and your angels, stay looking out for messages and signs throughout the next few weeks as they hold a lot of our answers, take care of yourselves, rest and eat well (or it least try). If you have the chosen to watch the eclipse be sure to take a respectable amount of time to get off your phone from recording it/snap chatting it, tune out the external world and go inward; trust what your inner world sheds light on. If you're at work during the eclipse I encourage you to pause, breathe and connect to your body if only it is for a moment. And if you have chosen to stay home I encourage you to disconnect from the digital world, write down and envision what you’re releasing as well as what you want for the next year. I was advised yesterday by a wise black woman to be cautious, specific and clear about what I want. She told me to strictly focus on the wants and not what I don't want as this is a time where manifestations are happening like crazy. When you get a chance write all that you want, pray over it, meditate on it and release all expectations towards it. I hope you allow yourself to be brave and open up to this new chapter (some of us is a new book) in our lives that is unfolding. You're ready for all God has in stored for you; trust it, feel it, believe it. This is the perfect way to start the week! Have a beautiful and magical week loves!

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