Ships || #dailyinspiration

"It's funny how we think we have any control in this universe. Our bodies are our ships."
I saw this tweet about a week ago and it really brought things into perspective. It reminded me of how voyagers, pirates and sailors understood how important it was to upkeep and maintain and really know their "ships" inside and out. They understood the the benefits of traveling light and living simply. Their teacher was the waves and their classroom was whenever the waves decided to carry them. We can honestly learn a thing or two from them. Like Liana said, our bodies are our ships in this life. Are we making sure they're well kept? Are we traveling this life light? Are we allowing God to take us to places our hearts have only seen all while allowing us to learn how to be a skilled sailor. With the energy being extremely high in our lives and country right now, I encourage you to master these waves and storms all while stay calm in the midst of it all. Calm your inner oceans as you ride the waves of the outer ones. Have a beautiful Sunday Funday! 💫
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