Self Love || #dailyinspiration

Self-love and self-care are talked about more often than it has been in the past, yet many of us have no idea what that means to us individually. We see posts and over hear conversations about it but we struggle to figure out what that actually means to us. It goes beyond just taking care of yourself externally but to really take care of your inner world. Many of us are walking around with inner homes that have been abandoned for years. We’re walking around with each others burdens and trying to carry one another crosses forgetting our place within the bigger picture. We have been conditioned to worry about everybody else’s wounds and feelings that we neglect our own resulting in a lot of the suffering we put on ourselves. What have you done for yourself lately? Are you listening to your body and what it needs on ALL levels? Are you disconnecting from social media to declutter and release the opinions/beliefs that aren't yours? Have you every thought that God might be being selfish with you and urging you to be more selfish with yourself? Are you being called to live a simpler life? Whatever it is, it is important to figure these things out for yourself. You owe it to yourself to clean up house, rest and flow with life. We make our lives more complicated and complex than it was designed to be. We’re here to experience love and compassion on all its levels throughout this life. I hope you make room to experience authentic self-love and self-care as it is never quite as pretty as we imagine but is always worth it. Give yourself some self-lovin’ and just be in the now. All is as it should be and you're exactly where you need to be. Have a great HUMPday loves!

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