Seasoned ones || #dailyinspiration

For us old souls, the idea of growing old is something we look forward to. There is an understanding and appreciation for what life blesses us with as we grow older. But we also understand how important the journey is to getting to our crowns of glory. The lessons, the triumphs, the tragedies, the rebirth, the wisdom is the road we all have to take to get there. I love hanging out with our elders, many have helped me stay grounded in this chaotic world of ours. My grandmother in particularly, continues to remind me to embrace the cycles we all have to go through in this life. That nothing lasts forever, that divine time is everything and that everything will unfold as it should. But I think the most humbling realization I've gotten out of her is that not everybody is granted the opportunity to grow into this part of their life. It is a privledge that few are given and few actually appreciate. Many people have the fear of growing old. “Old” means change, it means rebirths and deaths, it means pain and sorrow, it means intense reflection of your life. It means to live this life to its full potential. I hope you rub shoulders with your elders, listen to them, ask all types of questions, laugh, connect and enjoy all that they offer. They're gifts given to us, they're God in the wisest forms.
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