Rhythm || #dailyinspiration

In a society where everybody is going fast nowhere it is important to find and tap into the rhythm of our bodies. Despite popular belief we’re not designed to be constantly on the go, to always be “connected” or “plugged” in and to always be working mindlessly. We have got to learn how to slow down and check in with ourselves and I mean really check within. Lately, I have been finding my rhythm, a rhythm that sails on the waves of my soul gently, peacefully, purposefully, simply; my heart has thanked me. For so long I was on autopilot, working and neglecting self and I honestly don't want to go back. With this new found rhythm, I am returning back to self, letting go of old leaves, I am a lot more connected to the world around me, a lot more slower in my approach, a lot more happier. I have been blessed with opportunities that align with my rhythm, my flow, my simplicity. It’s interesting to see how once you begin to become more honest, flexible and intentional about what your needs are, you start to see how simple your needs really are. We forget that everything else is a bonus. You start to see how the Divine works and your blessings tend to flow a lot more seamlessly I hope you’re finding and diving into your rhythm. What is your body and soul trying to communicate with you? What do you need to do to honor self? Is your “rhythm” even yours, or the worlds? We’re approaching the heart of Fall and this is the perfect time to release it all. Winter is coming and trust me your body is going to crave that stillness and that requires you to know and honor that rhythm of yours. Have a Happy Monday loves!

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