Perspective || #dailyinspirations

To successfully maneuver through the now, a new perspective and a new way of doing things is required of you. You have outgrown much and continue to outgrow what no longer servers you. Honor where you are as a whole. What have you outgrown? What are you outgrowing now? Where in your life are you being challenged to shift your perspective? Our experiences have a way of challenging our perspectives and beliefs. Be open. Don’t hold on too tightly with how you think things should be. More often than not we don’t get what we want thankfully and our blessings don’t come in the way we initially imagined. Find peace and relief in acceptance. Acceptance for what has happened, what is and what there will be moving forward. What are some things you need to come to terms with and accept? Acceptance will bring up triggers. Make space, stay gentle and mindful with yourselves. When our triggers come up it can grant us the opportunity to not only feel through them and release some of what was being held on. But also the opportunity to look at it from different angles. There may be something you may not have seen before that can play a huge role in your healing. See the good, the bad and the ugly for what it is and what it isn’t. Always be willing to see. Happy Humpday babes!

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