Oh, September || #dailyinspiration

September is here and I’m here for it! For years I’ve despised Fall because of all the intense changes + slowing down. Even though I'm an earth sign (stubborn + can get a little too comfortable), I have mad fire energy + sometimes I don't know when to chill out. This unfortunately burns me out and I tend to freak out when I’m not in control. I was forced to slow down tremendously in mid summer and I mean legit God put my life on pause. God stopped me for a moment, urged me to take care of myself and learn how to go with the flow. I’d be lying if I said its been easy. I’m use to going, giving and in the work I do if I’m not careful I can and usually do burn myself out. A few weeks back I was told by an elder that the Universe is being selfish with me and is teaching me how to be more selfish with myself. Hence, this season of rest I’ve been in.I’m learning that it is okay to be bored, to literally have nothing planned for weeks at a time and sleep my life away at times. In the society we live in, we have been conditioned to feel like we have to be doing something at all times and if we aren't then we’re useless. This is a very unhealthy mentality that I was challenged to work through during this time. It’s amazing how God knows whats best for you and I’m realizing how much my body actually needed this time. I have been able to reflect on all I’ve been through these past couple of years, really dive into Crowned Curls and to see which way I want to go next. I have a feeling my season of rest is slowly transitioning to more of a balanced life. I’m grateful for what this season of rest has granted and taught me. I believe September will be my month and I’m excited to see how amazing manifestations will show up. I hope as you go through your many transitions that you experience it completely. I hope your intuition and your heart is leading you and you're trusting yourself; you know what you want and need. I hope your confidence and your carefree self comes out to play like this badass unicorn! I hope you remember God is always joking and you learn to laugh at yourself often. Laugh and Dance through the changes as the leaves begin to change. I know September will be good to you all, but it doesn’t matter what I know, at the end of the day its all up to you. Happy Friday + Happy September loves!

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