Oh July || #dailyinspirations

With an overwhelming amount of injustice happening in our country right now, we encourage you to stay intentional, open and grounded. We can no longer hide and ignore truths, often time hard truths that has surrounded us for many years. Veils are being torn off, much is coming to the surface and hearts are being tugged at. We have no choice but to see and listen now. Always be willing to see and listen. We challenge you to find the Divine in the most unconventional places and embrace the intense discomforts while exploring the depths of the unknown. The Divine is quite clever and works in very strange ways, so stay on your toes and get ready to level up as you get pushed out of your comfort zone. Trust yourselves. We all play a role in this and we must be willing to express and answer our personal calling(s). Let this July be filled with much needed conversation, balance, and prayer. Rest, hug somebody, remind people you love them, smile at a stranger and continue to allow your inner kiddo to guide you.

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Crowned Curls