No Comfort Zone || #dailyinspiration

God and our angels have an interesting way of communicating with us. Lately they have been out here throwing signs at ya girl left to right, its kind of surreal in a way. It seems like everywhere I look angels messages regarding shiftings, changes, manifestations, encouragement and love are reminding me I’m not tripping. The blending of the spiritual realm and the physical realm is becoming more apparent than ever before. And in all honesty it is dope, no matter how uncomfortable it is. There is no denying nothing has been the same since the Solar Eclipse. We are tapping into our power, reclaiming our time, living our best lives and changing the game. The concept of death and rebirth is at an all time high on every level which can be a result of many disruptions in our bodies and our emotions. We’re all shedding what is no longer us and it’s uncomfortable, confusing and a bit scary but continue to hold on.Trust what is happening around you, within you and beyond you. Look out for signs, messages and encouragement from the heavens along with asking for help. Remember our Mother Earth is going through a huge transformation and its going to affect us one way or another. Stay grounded, stay flexible and allow the seasons to guide you through these changes. Continue to take care of your inner world and travel as light as possible. We’re all going to be just fine and even better. We have made it to the Thursday loves, enjoy this day.

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