Live it up || #dailyinspiration

Life itself is beautiful and quiet simple when you think about it. Whether you believe in Mercury Retrograde or not there is no denying that August (hell, summer) was pretty rough and intense. There was a lot of cleansing, redirecting, surfacing, facing and releasing. God challenged us in ways that we didn't even know we needed to be challenged in. I know one of my biggest challenges was trust. I couldn’t tell you how many times I had meltdowns and literally was out here wrestling with God during this summer! Through all the tears, frustrations, conversations and love I still managed to respect and understand the bigger picture. I was humbled many times during this season of rest. And when I say humbled, I mean it in the way of God sitting me down and forcing me to just stop and deal. It’s been a trip honestly, but Im grateful for it all. I’m learning to not look at my flaws, shadow self, ego as something to be ashamed about or something to be fixed; they're what makes me whole. I’m learning how to work with them and not against them. I hope this month and the next few months grant me a bit more playfulness and lightness with these new lessons. At times I get too caught up in the healing and growing processes that I forget to just live. I tend to take my journey a bit too serious at times and I end up missing out on the overall experience. Lessons and blessings will come in their time, so until then just live your best life honey! Happy Tuesday beauties!

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