I do it for me…and you too! || #dailyinspirations

People pleasing isn't always this grand display that will always be noticed right away. It tends to sneak up on you, intertwining itself in your everyday life, normalizing itself with just enough of a hold on you that you will feel the slightest guilt when you try to convince yourself otherwise. People pleasing is a sneaking little thing and as it should be. I personally don't think we should feel bad about wanting to please people, it’s a part of ego and we can’t experience life in its fullest form without it. The ego is what keeps us on our toes and life would be boring without it. It’s not until we lose our balance and we start to please people out of obligation and not by choice. I absolutely love what I do with Crowned Curls and I want to make sure that whatever I do others will be able to experience the fruition of my visions, my journey, God. So people pleasing is what I naturally do. However, I have to stay conscious on making sure whatever I do is still honoring me at the end of the day. If I’m running this business, I got to make sure I’m getting what I need and having the time of my life through it all. Crowned Curls has granted me opportunities to work with and meet some of the most extraordinary human beings in this life. It has been an honor to cross paths with so many of you, and even if I won’t physically cross paths with many others in this life, I hope you're able to experience Crowned Curls through our website, social media, pictures, etc. This journey has been filled with God, love, peace, joy and growth. I can’t thank you all enough! Continue to bloom, flourish and be the badasses you've been called to be! I created this business for ME and you! Happy HUMPday loves.

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