Galaxies || #dailyinspiration

We’re filled with thousands of galaxies, planets and stars. Each of which dances to the beat of their own drums. We bathe in our complexities all while float in our simplicities. We’re the creator and the destroyer, the hero and villain, the predator and victim. We dance and live in between realms with God. We have always been voyagers, migrants, wanders, adventures. We’re design to constantly be changing and shifting, all while finding stability in the movement. Our stories make no sense at all, but makes complete sense.  Wisdom runs deeper than we will ever understand, yet she is always with us. We have an understanding of everything, yet know nothing at all. We’re always traveling through each others worlds, taking what we need and leaving little pieces of us. We’re hunters and gathers by nature. Learning and exploring the beauties and dangers this world has to offer. We’re lovers beyond this world and speak the language of quite well. After all it is our native tongue. Our journeys are designed just for us, our many worlds are catered to us, our souls are guiding us. Trust. Trust it all. We're the maps.

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Crowned Curls