Fall || #dailyinspiration

My prayer and hope for this Fall season is that you embrace the changes like the very leaves around us. I encourage you to slow down, rest and let go of what no longer needs holding on. We must learn how to align our mind, body and spirit with Mother Natures changes. It honestly feels good when you take after Nature and allow her to guide you. It has been a pretty intense and high energy year, trust me many of us are extremely exhausted and our bodies are craving this tractional time. Fall is the perfect time to find that balance between work and rest. This is the season of Harvest, so enjoy what you been working hard on. Wrap up any unfinished projects during this time as Winter forces us into hibernation and stillness and we usually don't get much done. Do some Fall cleaning, hang out with friends and family, start conserving your energy, drink up them warm beverages, wrap up and prepare yourself for a slower pace of life. We’re finally getting back into the groove of things and I know this Fall season will bless you with the rest and change you need. Stay warm, inside and out loves!

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