Dreamers. // #dailyinspirations

What have you been daydreaming about that you’ve been itching to bring to the physical realm? As the new moon in Sag wraps up the year for us now is the perfect time to write down that dream of yours, offer it to God and release it. In the meantime make space and time to read up on, research and tap into your creative flow with visualizations and imaginations of whatever you’re conjuring up. Much like how our imaginations were grand and limitless when we were growing up. Give space for your inner kiddo to run wild and free at this time. After all life is just a big playground, right? So, Discover and get lost in your discovery. Allow your curiosity to lead you. Tinker with things. Use what’s around you. You never know the places and the things the little one inside will have you stumble upon. It may be just the guidance, confirmation or thing you’ve been looking for. Remember, God is quite humorous and has a funny way of doing things. Stay open to the wildest ideas that may cross your mind. You never know how that “crazy idea” can be the very gateway to your dreams. You’re Abundance. Happy Friday babes.
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