Divine Timing || #dailyinspiration

It’s been a rough couple of days as I work my way deeper into the unknown. A lot of anxiety, fear, confusion, doubt and frustration has been coming up and I’m honestly low key freaking out. Many of us are in these spaces and have no idea where God is taking us. It can get hard to trust the flow of things as it seems like nothing really is making sense, yet there is a knowing of exactly what is going on. As changes continue to shake us out of our comfort zone, it is important to travel light; travel with very little mental, emotional and physical weight. We’re are being challenged to stay on our toes and to be prepared to move, and I mean move quickly at any moment. We’ve gotten too comfortable and its necessary for us to be thrown off course here and there to get our evolutions back on track.  Our inner and outer worlds are under huge transformations; everything we thought we knew, what we thought we owned, what we thought we had under control is being reviled to us. We’re in the heart of destruction and creation, our demons and angels are coming out to play. Our hands are getting dirty, tears are being shed, old ideas/patterns are being ripped from us, we’re starting over again and we don't have the choice but to embrace our true selves. We’re are being reminded to expect the unexpected, to let God surprise us, to remember we’re children of life and to keep moving. Divine Timing is everything, it does not rush or make mistakes. Divine Timing is all we have.
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