Divine flow || #dailyinspiration

I’ve always found it funny how much I freak out about things that I know are completely out of my control all while understanding that I’m being taken care of by God. All throughout this year, I have flipped out about money, jobs, the direction I’m going in my life, change and everything else under the sun! Yet I’ve had just enough money to get by every single time and even get a little more to enjoy myself, continuous signs from my angels and reminders that I’m doing great. I’ve gotten better over the years with stepping into the flow of the Divine. A flow that once you learn, you start noticing it's actually your natural flow as well. With the latest full moon and some other intense “inconveniences” that popped up during these last few weeks, I’m now seeing how God was pushing me back to tap into the flow of things; to quiet the chatter and just let go without judgment. My mind, body and spirit are grateful for this as it really just forced me to rest, rejuvenate, re-connect, release and restart. It almost seemed like a breakthrough, an ending and a fresh start. God has a funny way of shaking up and uprooting things in our lives when we least expect it. With this new energy and perspective, I can only imagine what is about to pour into not only my lives and others. If it has been an extremely rough couple of weeks for you, just know you're on the right path, your protected, you're loved and you're worth it. Take care of yourself, listen closely, cry, follow your intuition, release, let go and rest up because things are about to pick up and we got to travel light loves. I hope this Monday is treating you well and I know the rest of your week will be amazing!

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