December || #dailyinspirations

Can we first just stop and appreciate us making it to December, we made it y’all! December grants us the space to reflect and I mean some deep reflection. Trust me, with the year we just had, you should be doing a lot of reflecting, resting and slowing down. This has truly been a year of transformations, completions, uprooting, shaking, karma and tests of just how flexible we are with God. Not to mention all the light being shed on some of the darkest parts of ourselves, others and the collective. You can say it has been exhausting but necessary. We’re being prepared to walk  into this new cycle, chapter and book in our lives confident, equipped and more powerful than ever before. As we begin to reflect on this past year, I hope you find peace in where God has you right now. We’re all where we are supposed to be in this time. You got to just trust and accept it. This is a time to celebrate all of which is God has blessed you with. Celebrate the lessons, pain, growth, healing, love; all of it! You deserve it, you worked for it! You can now rest my loves, it time to just rest. Winter will soon be here and many of us are starting to feel the gentle nudge of Mother Nature as we enter a more quieter, simpler and peaceful space. Don’t ignore or resist it, your body needs these spaces more than ever. And don’t worry If you haven't felt the urge to hibernate yet, it will soon come. Gift your body the rest it needs and it will thank you in the long run. I hope this month is good to you and you're good to it. May your December be the best month from the whole year! Happy Monday loves!

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