Death || #dailyinspiration

Death is happening within and around us all the time. It is even more prevalent as we work our way through Scorpio Season in the heart of Fall. Our spirit has been good friends with death for a very long time. There is an understanding and appreciation of how necessary the role death play in our overall growth. Unfortunately, we don’t always understand nor appreciate it in the physical realm making changes, transformations and shiftings a bit hard to cope with. Many of us have been taught to fear Death; more like what Death brings. Death’s touches can be a bit harsh and hard at times, but it is all with love. Death gifts us the space to grieve, reflect and release, but most importantly it reminds us of the painful voids we must deal with. However, the Divine is a sneaky one and is quite clever in assisting us through the many unknowns. November is a dear friend of mines that has taught me to see the beauty Death brings; a beauty even Mother Nature goes inwards through the Fall and Winter season. Just look at how she prepares the earth for darkness, silence, and stillness. We’re in the last full month of the Fall season loves. We’re in the final stages where we are being pushed to wrap up things up, “Cleaning house,” tap into our creative juices and starting the process of winding down. This November will be one for the books and may even be a little busy. Enjoy it, rest up and be mindful as this is the time of great manifestations and things coming into fruition. Have a beautiful Monday!

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