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I’ve always loves Sundays. There is something calming about Sundays that allow us to slow down, indulge in the moment and just be. Today we had the honor to host our first ever Curls + Brunch event with the stunning Tiffany Boyd, Founder of @beafricallc . The women we met were incredible, their stories held so much healing and they blessed us with lifelong gems. It was truly magical as we all had the chance to just live in moment without judgment, a lot of laughter and an abundant amount of love. As I sat back and soaked in everything, God gently whispered in my ear, “You’re exactly where you're supposed to be, doing exactly what you're being called to do.” It felt like home, it felt like family, it felt like love in its rawest form. I was reminded today how essential it is to have a sister tribe, to write everything that comes to your mind down and to continue dancing with my true self as we blend more each day. We want to thank all of the beauties who came out today and trusted us to hold these safe and healing spaces for you. We’re excited to have more events like this and to see where God will take us through this. This was the perfect way to start the week! Blessings + Love beautiful souls!
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Crowned Curls