Breakthroughs // #dailyinspirations

Breakthroughs come at the strangest times and in even stranger ways. It can be as subtle or as grand or maybe unconventional and unexpected. It can even go unnoticed at times. In whatever ways it shows up, celebrate and love it. Breakthroughs are kisses from God, a “I love you.” So allow your breakthroughs to crack open up your hearts and water your love, the love in your worlds. Give thanks to love. Celebrate and indulge in all the forms of love in your life. Fall in love over and over again. Love is infinite and abundant. There is enough to go around. Get flirtatious and playful with love and learn from it as many times as you need. Grant yourself to get lost in your heart space often. Allow your heart to be cracked up to shine through and reflect the god/goddess in you. Make time and space to love on God, spirit guides and ancestors. Make time to love on you, the little one inside you and others. Happy Tuesday babes!

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