Bask in it || #dailyinspiration

I hope you've been flirting with God lately. The heavens have been gifting us with an overwhelming amount of abundance lately and I hope you're enjoying all of it. They’re gifting us with signs of gassing us up, encouragement, and visions of our paths, along with placing us in the right places at the right time. Many of us have been putting in the work, aligning and basking in what is to come; thats the advantage of staying connected to Source. We’re to reflect how far we have come and indulge in the blessings given through the journey so far. Everything that has happened in your life has brought you to this very moment. Don’t stop now, don't shrink yourself, don’t question, don't sleep on yourself, just go with it. You’re learning to dance with the Universe through many realms and you have no choice but to follow its lead. By allowing the Universe to lead you, it takes off the load of you feeling like you always need to be in control. Learn these dances, step on some toes and laugh through it all. Trust that all is well , falling into place and everything will be made clear very soon. Continue to prepare and create space in your life on all levels for what God is brewing up for you. Be open and grateful to how your blessings show up in your life as often times they usually don't look like the way we want them to look. Relax, breathe and just be as this is a time of great change.

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