Ah, Balance || #dailyinspiration 

Life is full of balance. You can’t have the moon without the sun, the stars without the sky, the ying without the yang, sorrow without happiness. Everything plays a role and knows the role it plays. Just look at all that is around you; there is balance everywhere you go. I saw a thread on twitter that talked about how many of us unhealthily are alway seeking happiness and pleasure forgetting life is not always about how happy we are or what makes us feel good. On the flip side life is not all about constant suffering and pain. There is a balance that is necessary on this journey we call life. We’re not here to experience just one of anything and I honestly think life would be boring if we did. There would be no growth, no transformations, no love, no anything honestly. We must learn how to befriend and allow space for our experiences to be what they are. Some of it will be filled with happiness, joy, contentment. While other will be filled with darkness, confusion, frustrations. Its what comes with the human experience. The reality is we all struggle with attaining more balance into our lives, especially in the world we live in. I know I’ve always struggled with bring more balance into my life. I have such a love-hate relationship with it. It’s either I over do things or just don't do it at all, there is no real in-between with me. Extremes tend to be how I do things. However over this past year God has forced ya girl to learn and embrace balance; whether it be mental, emotional, spiritual and physical. I have learned the hard way and paid many consequences for my stubborn nature. Much light has been shed on the areas in my life I’ve been neglecting for a long time and I have no choice but to work through it and find balance (You can thank such intense healing times for that!) I hope this season will bring more balance into your life, especially in the areas you don't want to deal with. Happy Sunday Loves!

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