Alignment || #dailyinspiration

We have been so conditioned to believe that "hustling" is the way we're to attain our blessings, our successes, our desires. But honestly it's just a toxic way we tell ourselves to "get through life." Our society thrives off of people's "hustles" and it gives people a sense of purpose. We forget that hard work doesn't alway ≠ blessings, success, power, etc. You can be working your little heart out all you want but if it doesn't align with God's plan then you're wasting time + energy. And even when what you're doing aligns with what God has planned for you, you have to be mindful that what is for you will naturally flow to you. Now that doesn't mean you won't have to put the work in to create spaces to receive it and attained it, but it does means you don't need to be out here forcing it, compromising it, sacrificing your wellbeing, your relationships, your family for it. There is so much abundance gifted by most high amongst us to be out here "hustling" for the hell of it or to stroke your ego. We got to get into the mindset of working smarter not harder in everything we do. We are designed to flow with life, to play IN life and not with it. When you align you get to play as much as you want. Happy Tuesday loves!

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