Simplify || #dailyinspiration

I’m in a space where God is teaching me and challenging me to simplify my life a little more everyday and to get back to the basics. To get back to the places where I don't need much to be happy, to be content, to be whole again. On my morning walk yesterday, I met an older gentleman whom I had the pleasure of just sitting with as we watched butterflies, soak in the beautiful weather and pick each others brain. We talk about God, growing old, the state of the world, love and stress. Before we went our separate ways, he simply ask me, “What in the world has you so stressed out that it’s now affecting your body?” I had to sit there for a moment and really think about it. Why was I so stressed out? How did I allow myself to get so stressed out about things that are out of my control? I didn't even realize that I didn't even celebrate and bask in all of the accomplishments I had this year. I was so wrapped up in where I felt like I needed to be and comparing my journey to others that I forgot to stop and smell the roses. To just be in the now, to just let it all go. Due to the my constant anxiety and stress levels being so high for so long, I’m unfortunately paying for that with my body’s health right now. I wasn't listening to the signs, I wasn't trusting the bigger picture, I wasn't just accepting and being. I can be ridiculously stubborn and I’m honestly being humbled by being reminded that I’m simply not in control. I’m in this place of rocky transitions, the unknown and forgiveness of self. I hope you loves are honestly taking care of yourselves; your mind, spirit and souls. To let it all go and to see where God will take you. I’m learning the hard way to honestly walk by faith and not by sight; to really just trust it all. Hope you beauties have a beautiful Friday!

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