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2017 Crunk Curls Festival

  • 900 Auraria Parkway Denver, CO, 80204 United States (map)

When: Saturday, September 23rd, 2017 | 11am-4pm

Where: 9th St. Park | Auraria Campus

Cost: FREE!

Be sure to RSVP here!

We're back with our 2nd Annual Crunk Curls Festival and we're mad excited! Last year was a success and we can't thank you all enough for all the love and support! We're so ready to celebrate, laugh and see all of your beautiful faces this year! 

Now, for those who may have never heard of Crunk Curls Festival or may have heard of it but are still a little confused about it, let us explain... It all started last year, when we started to really see how hard it was to transition and actually rock your natural hair in Colorado, due to how dry it is. We were so tired of seeing the lack of spaces here in Colorado that allowed our women of color to learn, explore and share their natural hair, health and wellness journeys, so we decided to make a space that we can call our own! 

Crunk Curls Festival is a festival that connects our communities of color to the multicultural beauty market, local businesses, cosmetologist, bloggers, and health and wellness professionals. It's a festival that we hope we will continue to create a community amongst our women of color that engages in love, self-care, healing and celebration of sisterhood! 

2017 Vendor Applications.png


Stylist, Salons, Barber, Small/Local Businesses this is for you! If you're interested or know somebody who is interested in having a booth at this years festival please complete the vendor form below. After you're done with the application return to this page and click the payment button to secure your spot! If you have any questions or concerns please shoot us an email at We look forward to working with you.

*Stylist, Barbers + Salons shoot us a separate email as your application process is different! 

ALL Booth Costs: $60

ALL Vendor Applications + Payment Due no later than Sunday, September 17th @ 11:59pm

Please Note: We ask that your booth is interactive in some way or another (demonstrations, games/contest, picture props, giveaways, etc.) We also strongly encourage you to bring a tent for your booth, as we don't provide them. We do provide chairs and tables.

Vendor Form: Click Here

Payment: Click Here


If you're interested in being a volunteer at this years festival shoot us an email!