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A community and work space is something truly incredible, especially when intentionally designed and built with community in mind. This innovative mobile work & community space acts as an alternative to traditional co-working spaces, offices and community centered environments. Operating in the city of Denver, The Crowned Curls’ mobile work and community space is a creative, fun and unique mobile hub housed in a retrofitted delivery truck designed to bring dope women together to connect, create and make magic together.



Through our HerTRIBE workshop series we will be gathering generations of boss babes, mommas, creatives and every type of woman in between from all around Colorado + beyond to create and BUILD-OUT our Crowned Curls’ work & community space on wheels! Spread out over the course of four weeks in the month of June on weekends; Crowned Curls, the women of HerTRIBE and folks in the community (yes, men can be a part of it) will get the opportunity to donate their time, skills and items! Check out workshop times & dates HERE. Be sure to also subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated on the latest. We can’t wait to see you all there!