Curls on the Block's 'Miss Curly Self-eSTEAM Pageant'

Last weekend Crowned Curls had the amazing opportunity of being a part of Curls on the Block's first every 'Miss Curly Self-eSTEAM Pageant'! Curls on the Block is an enrichment program for girls of all curls and colors to embrace, explore and empower their natural selves while working to increase engagement, investment, and commitment to careers in science, technology, engineering, art, and math (STEAM). Curls on the Block uses a curriculum that has ten consecutive sessions where participants explore activities, careers and mentorship in STEAM.


This years 'Miss Curly Self-eSTEAM Pageant' focused on creating a space that allows black girls and women to tap in and explore Cultural APPRECIATION, Healthy and active lifestyles, STEAM (science tech engineering art math) awareness and share ideas/products/services addressing the needs of the curly hair community!

Check out this years contestants! 

Little Miss Curly

Ages 6-12

Jr. Miss Curly

Ages 13-17

Miss Curly + Mature Miss Curly

Ages 18-25 + Ages 26 and Up


Congrats to this years beauties! Winners this year will reign for a year as the 'Miss Curly' title of their age group, be a apart of an exclusive photoshoot, become brand ambassadors for several businesses/brands, cash prize and a trip to Essence Fest 2018! Huge thanks to everybody a apart of this years pageant! Analise Harris, founder of Curls on the Block did a beautiful job on this amazing pageant! She is changing the game on we embody, embrace, exploring and express our ultimate beauty as black girls and black women. 

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Crowned Curls