'A Curly Affair Launch Party!'

Crowned Curls and Curls on the Block linked up to kick off 2017 and give Denver’s natural hair community a space to celebrate their God-given crowns, laugh, network + get the tea on some dope upcoming curly events this year! We were honored to have the lovely Malyia McNaughton of Made by Malyia be our hostess for the evening and the kinky-curly nappy headed souls of the Mile High absolutely loved her! They say 2017 will be the year of manifestations, love, light and celebration; well I can say that this event was the perfect way to get us all prepared for what the Most High has in stored for us all this year! We just want to thank you all again for coming out + vibin’ with ya girls! We hope to cross paths with your souls many more times this year!

Yazz Atmore (Founder of Crowned Curls

Analise Harris (Founder of Curls on the Block)

Terena Smith, & Malyia McNaughton (Founder of Made by Malyia)

Check out the ‘A Curly Affair Launch Party’ recap video by the amazing Toni Fayne, Kenneth Smith + DJ Z-Rok of Your Colfax News! It was truly a pleasure to have you + chat it up with you!

And for those who didn't get a chance to make it to ‘A Culry Affair Launch Party!’, no worries this was just the beginning! We got a whole bunch of upcoming curly events this year. Peep some of this years upcoming Crowned Curls + Curls on the Block events:

Crowned Curls:
Crunk Curls Festival, Curls + Brunch,  Workshops

Curls on the Block:
COTB Sessions Kickoff, COTB Movie Night, COTB Book Release, Curly Pageant

Be sure to check out all the pictures on Crowned Curls FaceBook Page! 

All Photos by TJai B. Photography