2018 Crowned Curls Highlights

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They say it takes about five years for a business to get off the ground. Well, we’re still here at the 3 year mark and y'all haven't ran us off yet, so we must be doing something right! We’ll make sure to check back in two more years with you in two just in case. Haha.

But with that being said, 2018 has been a pretty dope year! It still amazes us, we have been blessed to continue doing this! Now, thats not to say 2018 didn't have it challenges. However, we can thank 2017 for the hard but necessary lessons, the stretching and the growing pains that needed to happen in order for us to deal with these challenges in 2018. This year’s theme and word for us to learn and embrace, was surrender. Let’s just say the Most High has a funny way of teaching. There was a lot of being pushed out of out comfort zones, walking away, outgrowing, choosing battles wisely, reconciliation, boundaries and whole bunch of fun! We’re ecstatic for 2019, we get to start over with a clean slate and we couldn’t be more grateful for it.

The following are the top moments from 2018; there is no real order, just what was most memorable to us. 

1. Another ‘A Curly Affair Party!’

Crowned Curls and Curls on the Block done messed around and linked up again to kick off 2018 with another ‘A Curly Affair Party!’ There was booze, food, networking and #BlackGirlMagic along with a little #BlackBoyJoy too. We had the honor to have the Reigning Miss Black and Natural 2017 NY Queen, Alicia Davis, founder of Cubicles & Curls grace us with her presence and chill with us Mile High City Babes! It definitely, set the tone for 2018 and we had the time of our lives!

2. Celebrating 3 years of Crowned Curls


Can you believe this year marked us being around for 3 years?! Honestly, that ain't been nothing but some finessing and a whole bunch grace from God! However, you look at it we’re grateful to still be around! With that, the number three is such a significant number for us, so we just had to celebrate it with the ones who’ve been there from the beginning! Huge S/O to Lawrence and Lairmer for letting us use their shop and of course all the A1s since day ones. Oh, yeah and obviously all of you! We can’t wait to celebrate many more years to come!



We had the opportunity to not only meet, but also bring the beautiful and amazing, Michelle Breyer, co-founder of Naturally Curly and author of Curl Revolution out to the Mile High City for our first ever HerTribe event! All we can say is that, it was magical. So much wisdom, love and great conversation took place. You women are the reason we continue to do Crowned Curls. Thank you to all the beautiful souls who came and continue to keep coming. Be sure to watch out for next year!

4. ‘A Curly Weekend:’

3rd Annual #CrunkCurlsFestival

Ah, this past years’ #CrunkCurlsFestival (also known as #CrunkCurls Expo) during ‘A Curly Weekend’ with Curls on the Block was the biggest event we’ve ever put on and let us tell y’all, we’re taken out of our comfort zone many times and it was so rewarding every time!

Held at the Rachel B. Noel Campus in Denver, Co we had vendors from all over come out with some great products, got to listen in on our guest speakers drop gems, and a yummy brunch with some amazing women! Thank you for all the sponsors, vendors, speakers/presenters and attendees that came out + supported us this year! We’re already planning for next year’s festival and we can’t wait!

#CrunkCurlsFestival is a festival that connects Mid-West communities of color to all things natural hair, beauty, health, wellness & STEAM. Everyday, women and girls of color are making the intentional decision to embrace their natural beauty, take ownership and lead healthier and happier lives. Through cultivation, connection and education, we aim to provide platforms that empowers, educates and celebrates women and girls near and far. While simultaneously holding space for love, creativity and celebration of sisterhood to flourish. 

Thanks to Aujha Aye of Aujha Aye Productions for this years recap video! You can follow Aujha at: @aujha_aye.

We made it through another year! Thank you to all the sponsors in 2018! Thank you all for such an amazing year! We will see you babes in 2019!

Blessings & Love!

Crowned Curls