2016 Crowned Curls Highlights

We just want to start off with Thank You! Thank You for all the love + support you’ve given us this year! Ultimately, Thank You for accepting us at our rawest form as we build Crowned Curls. This past year was definitely one for the books and we wouldn't trade it for anything. 

As we reflect on 2016, so many amazing blessings and lessons were gifted to us throughout the year. First and foremost all of this started because we were sick and tired of not having spaces in Denver, CO where us natural hair beauties could share, create + explore our natural hair, health and wellness journeys. While researching different upcoming natural hair events across the country we came across CurlFest, a festival in New York that celebrated the beauty natural hair! Inspired by it all and challenged by our mentors to create a space where everybody would feel a little piece of home while on their journeys, we decided to not only birth Crowned Curls but also Crunk Curls Festival.


In 2016 ,we have successfully put on the first ever Crunk Curls Festival which allowed not only us, but other kinky curly nappy headed beings to work with local/small businesses all around Colorado that catered to the natural hair, health & wellness community. We have also been collaborating + working with Curls on the Block and Colorado Urban Naturals to expand our presence in the Rocky Mountain Region and beyond. We even started a blog that helps us share the many experiences + blessings happening on the journey!

The following are the top moments/stories from 2016, in order with #1 being the most memorable! 

Top Highlights of 2016

1. Hosting the first ever Crunk Curls Festival

With only a budget of a  poor college student bank account who goes to school full time, works part time, but have mastered the skill of finessing and of course from the grace of God, we managed to put on a pretty dope event within 4 months! Crunk Curls Festival is a festival that connects our communities of color to local businesses, cosmetologist, bloggers, health and wellness professionals. With about 20+ vendors who wanted to work with us,  300+ attendees & a few amazing sponsors we had the time of our lives! Thank you for all those that came out + supported us this year! We seriously can’t wait until next year!

2. Collaborating + creating with Curls on the Block and Colorado Urban Naturals

It has truly been a blessing to work with and form such extraordinary friendships with these women! With all the different personalities and approaches to our businesses, projects + goals we still out here forming one of the dopest sister tribes out there! Thank you ladies for the many passions you are sharing with the world, loving on your community, celebrating the beauty in your growth and never giving up on one another! You are ALL an inspiration + we are blessed to have crossed paths with you. 


3. Getting to model for Curls on the Block

The big homie Analise, founder of Curls on the Block asked our founder, Yazz to be a part of her 2017 Curls on the Block Positive Images Calendar & of course she said yes! She was so overwhelmed by all the beautiful black women, men and kids celebrating their beauty! 

*If you’re interested in buying a calendar please email Analise at arenee.ltd@gmail.com to get more information!

 Check out the link to Calendar: https://online.flippingbook.com/view/186667/?sharedOn=facebook

4. Colorado Urban Natural's Natural Hair Pavilion @ the Colorado Black Arts Festival

This past July we had the opportunity to be a part of Colorado Urban Natural's Natural Hair Pavilion at the Colorado Black Arts Festival. To get the word out about Crunk Curls Festival we decided to ask folks "How do they love their natural selves" or in other words "How they lovin' themselves?” There were so many beautiful responses…

5. Going to CurlFest

If we wanted to put on a dope natural hair event, we had to go to the OG's of it all! So Yazz decided to hop on the plane, head to the Big Apple and check out the very festival that inspired Crunk Curls Festival! She told us this was the craziest solo trip she had taken thus far! Between late flights, making random friends and almost getting kidnapped all while her parents were calling her every 5 mins she still made it to CurlFest and soaked every bit of it up!

All of this goes to the Most High! We are so blessed & honored to be here in this time + space being used in profound ways to serve. We have always believed when we serve others, we are not only severing ourselves, but really serving the Most High! We are excited to see what 2017 has in store for all of us!

Blessings & Love!

Thank you to all the sponsors in 2016!

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