Recap of 2016 Crunk Curls Festival


 With the natural hair and wellness movement on the rise, there are still some places where it is not as celebrated and appreciated as much as it should be! Hint Hint, Colorado. Inspired by CurlFest in New York, Crowned Curls saw the lack of spaces here in Colorado that allowed our communities of color to learn more about our natural hair, wellness and health, so we decided to make a space that we can call our own! Therefore, Crunk Curls Festival was created!

This past August, Crowned Curls hosted our first ever Crunk Curls Festival and let us tell you... it was a success! Crunk Curls Festival is a festival that connects our communities of color to local businesses, cosmetologist, bloggers, health and wellness professionals. We are huge supporters and promoters of our small/local businesses. We know the value they bring to our communities and through this festival we wanted to provide a space for them as well. 

Embracing not only amazing kinky-curly nappy hair, we also understand in order to have healthy hair, you must also take care of mind, spirit and body. Between all the dancing, singing, yoga, food, reiki, playing, laughter and love this was definitely a festival that was filled with nothing but Black Girl/Boy magic, Care-freeness, self-care & self-love! 

FullSizeRender 31.jpg

There was so much Black Gold & Royalty throughout the festival, it almost made us cry!  


Yo! We even had our own filter! 


This year's Crunk Curls Festival was AMAZING and we are super excited for next year! We hope to  see you all there! Check out this year's video below and the rest of the pictures are on our FaceBook Page!

Huge Thanks to...

Renee Davis: UCD BSA

Shirmecca LittleJohn, David Hawthorne & My African Roots Magazine: Photographers

Jamie King & her crew: Video

Joshua Bonnett: Music in Video