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Our Story


“We aim to create a worldwide community among women that engages in love, creativity, healing and celebration of sisterhood.”


Crowned Curls is a Women of Color (WOC) collective where creatives, entrepreneurs and every WOC in between can come together to cultivate and nourish community through intentional gatherings, events, online publications and the overall support of one another. 

The Journey of Crowned Curls began in 2016 when we held our first ever #CrunkCurlsFestival in Denver, CO. Frustrated with the lack of safe, creative and collaborative spaces designed for women of color, this festival was a way to not only connect our community to all things natural hair, beauty and wellness but also a space for genuine connection, learning & celebration of one another.

Since then, Crowned Curls continues to serve and spread its mission to thousands of women everyday. We continue to partner with small and local businesses and brands on creative and community projects, bringing women together through workshops, panels, brunches, festivals, and so much more.


Yazz Atmore

Yazmin “Yazz Atmore” is an educator, creative writer and the founder of Crowned Curls.