Photo: Crowned Curls Photo Shoot


Yazmin “Yazz” Atmore founded Crowned Curls in April 2016 due to the lack of spaces in Denver, CO that allowed women of color to share, create and explore, their natural hair, health and wellness journeys.

Crowned Curls is all about cultivating, manifesting + executing safe spaces for our kinky-curly nappy headed women of color to just be themselves. Through events like our annual #CrunkCurlsFestival, online publications and partnering with amazing businesses/brands we aim to create a community amongst women of color that engages in love, self-care, healing and celebration of sisterhood. 

Crowned Curls was birthed from a woman who is always clothed with the sun, rocks a few crowns on her head + the moon tends to follow her wherever she goes. She was gifted wings that would take her to places her feet refused to go; wings that are flying her home. -Revelation 12:1