2019 Crowned Curls Calendar!

 2016 Crowned Curls Photoshoot by Eric Serpas and David Hawthorne

2016 Crowned Curls Photoshoot by Eric Serpas and David Hawthorne

Crowned Curls wants you to be a part of our 2019 Calendar!

 Crowned Curls Calendar is all about highlighting all the extraordinary things us curly, magical, badass creatives + entrepreneurs are doing out here in the Mile High City all while celebrating the sisterhood we've created for ourselves.

Photos & PhotoShoot:

You can submit your OWN promotional photo if you like. In other words, choose a fly ass photo that represents, embodies and celebrates your business/brand that you want in the calendar! All we ask is, it must be a high quality photo. (*We'll let you know if it's not.)

Now, for those who prefer to get their photo taken, you do have the opportunity to do a mini photoshoot Saturday, July 14th between 11:00am-3:00pm. All we ask is, you know the exact location (*please keep it close to downtown and the Santa Fe Art District), have your props and the set up you want so that all our photographer has to do is snap shots.

Lastly, on Saturday July 21st between 11:00am-3:00pm there will be a group photoshoot with all the dope women  apart of the calendar. Please bring two outfits for the shoot and anything else you think you will need, as we will be shooting in a few different locations and be ready to strut! 

Note: We encourage you to fill out the Crowned Curls Calendar Form right away as space is limited (10 spots available). You have not completed the form process until you have submitted the form, emailed your photo and logo to info@crownedcurls.com. 


  • One of Crowned Curls 2019-2020 sponsor
  • Company logo on Crowned Curls website, promotional items, events, etc.
  • Brand/Business awareness & media exposure
  • VIP access at our 'A Curly Affair Party' in January 2019
  • First to know about Crowned Curls events
  • Discounts on all of our 2019 events
  • Attend one free Crowned Curls event

What we need from you:

  • Filled out Crowned Curls Calendar information form
  • High quality photo that represents, embodies and celebrates your business/brand (*if you choose to submit your own)
  • Transparent photo of your logo

Crowned Curls Calendar Info Form: Click Here

Please Note: Everything needs to be submitted and emailed to info@crownedcurls.com no later than Saturday, August 25th @ 11:59pm. If you have any questions or concerns please shoot us an email info@crownedcurls.com